Hair Removal

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Brow Shaping $14+
Upper Lip $10+
Chin or Cheeks $10
Brow and Lip $23+
Full Legs and Feet $60+
Half Leg $40
Full Arm $40
Half Arm $25
Under Arm $20
Back $50
Chest $50
Brazilian $55
Bikini $28
French Cut $40+

A Word of Caution

Waxing is not recommended on Retin-A or Acutane users, they are likely to burn from the hot wax.  The same is true for people who have just been Tanning in a booth–the skin will be drier and more likely to burn.

Almost Painless Intimate Waxing

For intimate waxing we use Bombshell Wax, which is so easy to use and excellent.  We renamed our service, “Gentle Brazilian,” because of the pain-free nature of the service with our excellent wax.  Try it, we are sure you will agree!

Who Will Perform My Wax?

Estheticans and Hair Stylists perform routine eyebrow and lip waxes.  Otherwise, our waxing is provided by our Waxperts–the estheticians!  Estheticians are trained how best to remove hair in different areas, they take into account the direction of hair growth, length, and your goals.  If a person is getting a back wax (to get ready for going on a cruise, as an example) we will recommend a back facial first, for the best possible outcome.

If you are looking at having a new area waxed, you may wish to come in for a consultation.  Our Waxperts are used to having people ask questions about technique and growth.  Growth questions include, “How long does hair need to be before I can get it waxed?” or “My hair is long, should I shave it, or trim it, before I come in?”  Hair cannot be too short or too long or the wax will not be effective.  There needs to be some growth for the wax to pick up the hair.  Consultations can be brief and will put your mind at ease before a new service is scheduled.