Hair Extensions

We love Hair Extensions.  We believe they offer an opportunity for play beyond you’re now hair.  You can add length, fullness, imagine it and we can make it happen.

We have helped people style very temporary extensions before a big event (like a family wedding). (add $20-$40 to regular service)

Sometimes we will color extensions before applying them, which will add to the service cost. (add $20-$40 depending on number and length)

Some extensions are more permanent and will last for several months, they are glued permanently into existing hair. (estimate $300-$400-per application)

Why do extensions range so much in their cost?  It’s the time factor.  When a stylist is applying extensions, she is giving one client her full attention for between 2-4 hours, maybe longer.  That is why it is important for the stylist to first give you an estimate and then to adjust the price depending on how much time the service actually takes (and if she used Color on your extensions and if she used an assistant to help her with the application.

If you are just getting started with extensions, they are readily available at local beauty stores like Ulta or Sally Beauty.  We have seen vendors with carts in the mall who sell extensions, you can also buy them online.  Also, you can order your extensions through us. We are happy to apply them as part of your service so you can get a taste of the fun and see if you would like to commit to a more expensive extension product.

Our stylists are full of knowledge about hair extensions and recommend using Virgin (uncolortreated) hair that is the same length and has the cuticle in the same direction.  They can speak to you more about it if you choose to book a consultation.  A brief free consultation can put your mind at ease. You want to know that you are getting the correct hair product before you commit to buying it.   We are always happy to answer your questions.

So Cap Hair Extensions: Priced upon consultation