Meet Our Team

We  Welcome You

Ruby Pazmino

Master Hair Designer & Colorist

Ruby has been a licensed hair stylist  since 2003.  She has always enjoyed playing with hair and fashion styles; a visit with Ruby will bring you up-to-date and current in your look.  Her passion is unlocking the style and colors that work best for each of her clients. This passion for precision in color is also seen in her amazing blow-outs,  a guest’s look can be brightened with a gloss and then blown out. She loves learning the latest AVEDA Color tools, new colors are available which are very saturated and fun to work.  For a completely different look Ruby can perform a color correction and take out a color our guest may be tired of and put in something more modern for a fresh, new look. Ruby is energized by breathing life into her guests’ hair, treating dry or damaged hair with AVEDA products.  She feels because AVEDA products actually heal the cuticle of the hair and restores– it better than anything else available today.


Ruby is also very down-to-earth.  She will meet you where you are and elevate you beyond your imaginings.


Ruby teaches our Blow-Dry Bootcamp.

Susan Casale

Licensed Massage Therapist

Susan has been a licensed massage therapist in Massachusetts since 2008.  Before that time she worked in sales, marketing and public relations positions for creative fields.  She was drawn to Massage during training for athletic events and is was a natural adjacent for a long-time yoga practitioner.  Her specialty is releasing deep holding patterns in the body using a variety of techniques including but not limited to: positional release, Rolfing techniques, neuromuscular integration, active-isolated stretching, breath work, myofascial release, Swedish technique, aromatherapy, hot stone and hypnosis.  She is also a fan of hot towels and hot stones in general.


She teaches classes on stress release and how to use relaxation techniques.

Celina Orlando

Master Esthetician and Makeup Artist

Celina is one of our talented Master Estheticians.  With more than 1,200 hours of education at Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics.  She has been a licensed esthetician since 2014 and a licensed cosmetologist since 2013.  Although she has more recently finished her training her passion for her work is worth years of  experience.

Her passion is skin care, waxing and makeup.  She loves giving her clients confidence by helping them look their absolute best. She enjoys helping clients feel better about themselves by solving their skin and hair problems.  She is a big fan of Bombshell Wax for a practically painless Brazillian wax, many of her clients prefer it for all of their waxing needs.  She has also cultivated a loyal following for her Ultrasonic Facials, her clients leave relaxed and with Glowing skin. Make an appointment with Celina and expect an excellent service.

Denise Delmonico

Licensed Massage Therapist

Denise is our Relaxation Specialist!  She has been a licensed massage therapist since 2007.  Her calming demeanor often puts her guests in a deep state of relaxation, she uses long soothing strokes to calm the body and mind, which will naturally translate into the body letting go of it’s stresses more easily.  Clients leave a session from Denise feeling fewer aches and pains in their bodies.  The only thing better than a session with Denise is knowing you have another one booked to look forward to in a couple of weeks!

Her passion is combining her knowledge of energy work into her sessions when people ask for it, she will use Reiki in her sessions.  Her guests love her hot hands, which are so soothing.